Tuesday, 12 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (12th APR 3rd Slot)

1. Who is the Present FIFA chairman?
Ans: Gianni Infantino       

2. Who invented mobile phone?
Ans:  Martin Cooper

3. Who was behind the idea of constructing china wall?
Ans:  The Qin Dynasty

4. Hakuho Has won most awards in which Sport?
Ans: Sumo Judo

5. How many princely states was there at time of Independence?
Ans: 562

6. Who invented band aid?
Ans: Earle Dickson

7. Who invented bifocal lens?
Ans: Benjamin Franklin

8. States and Union territory are mentioned in which schedule?
Ans: I

9. Ozone day?
Ans:  16th September

10. Who Constructed Hawa Mahal?
Ans: Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh

11. Recently passed  away Martin crowe which county captain?
Ans: New Zealand

12. Who Constructed Delhi city architect?
Ans: Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker

13. Who was the Commissioner of Delhi before bassi?
Ans: Neeraj Kumar

14.What is the name of process heat glass is slowly cooling?
Ans: Annealing

15. How many members walked on moon upto now?
Ans: 12

16. Milk of magnesium used ?
Ans:  to treat constipation

17. Who was Nepal Prime Minister in 2015?
Ans: Suresh Koirala

18. Which rays used in airports which passes through solids?
Ans: X-Rays

19. Who won the Australian grand prix 2015?
Ans: Lewis Hamilton

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List of GK Questions asked in Railway RRB Exam 2016

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