Tuesday, 19 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (19th APR)

1. What is the freezing point of water?
Ans: 32
°  F

2. SBI Old name?
Ans: Imperial Bank Of India

3. Which Gas is Found In Refrigerators ?
Ans: Chloro fluoro carbon(CFC)

4. Population of tiger in india 2014?
Ans: 2,226

5. Methane Gas Is known as
Ans: Marsh gas

6. Make In India Week celebrated in which city ?
Ans: Mumbai (Feb 13 - Feb 18)

7. Central defence minister ?
Ans: Manohar Parrikar

8. Second large MP seats in which state?
Ans: West Bengal

9. What is the next occurring Halley comet ?
Ans: 28 July 2061

10. Who won the man of series in Asia cup t20?
Ans: Sabbir Rahman(Bangladesh)(options were wrong,sabbir rahman was not a option)

11. Pluto Planet Was Discovered In Which Year ?
Ans: February 18, 1930

13. Which Indian state shares boundary with the maximum number of other states ?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh

14. What is Taxonomy?
Ans: Science of naming, describing and classifying organisms and includes all plants

15. Oscar award 2016 for best film?

Ans:  Spotlight
16. Who was th 4th king of Mughal empire?
Ans: jahangir

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List of GK Questions asked in Railway RRB Exam 2016

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