Saturday, 16 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (16th APR 2nd Slot)

1. Which of the following rivers flows from Tibet?
Ans: Sutlej

2. ICC President?
Ans: Zaheer Abbas

3. Inventor of Machine Gun?
Ans: Richard Gatling

4. The 23rd Governor of RBI?
Ans: Raghuram Rajan

5. Who is also known as Frontier Gandhi?
Ans: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

6. Inventor of Fountain Pen?
Ans: Petrache Poenaru

7. The First king of Vijayanagara Dynasty?
Ans: Harihara I

8. Unit of Force?
Ans: Newton

9. The Longest Serving Chief Minister in India?
Ans: Pawan Chamling

10. Full Form of MRP?
Ans: Maximum Retail Price

11. Full Form of MMU?
Ans: Memory Management Unit

12. Pallava King who wrote stories?
Ans: Narasimhavarman II

13. Notre Dame Cathedral located in?
Ans: Paris

14. ICC number one Test player (Batsmen)?
Ans: Steve Smith

15. Atomic Number is equal to the?
Ans: Number of Protons

16. The Richest Person (As per Forbes global list)?
Ans: Bill Gates

17. PA Sangma served as a Lok Sabha speaker in year?
Ans: 1996 to 1998

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