Tuesday, 12 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (12th APR 1st Slot)

1. What is the study of mankind called?
Ans: Anthropology

2. Where is Mahabodhi temple?
Ans: Bihar

3. Where was Osama Bin Laden killed?
Ans: Abbottabad, Pakistan

5. What is Serology?
Ans: Study of antibodies in serum

6. Which microorganism causes measles?
Ans: Virus

7. Which particle has no charge (electron, proton, positron, neutrino)?
Ans:  Neutrino

8. Who was the advocate of India-Bangladesh partition?
Ans: Sir Cyril Radcliffe

9. Circumference of circle πd then what is the area?
Ans: (πd2)/4

10. Pacemaker is associated with which organ?
Ans: Heart

11. Who has the right to declare a Financial Emergency?
Ans: President

12. Who was the 2015 BCCI Woman Cricketer of the Year?
Ans: Mithali Raj

13. With which sport is Abhishek Verma associated?
Ans: Archery

14. Which is the largest cell in the human body?
Ans: Ovum

15. Deoxygenated blood is carried by?
Ans: Veins

16. Which acid aids in digestion?
Ans: Hydrochloric acid (HCl)

17. How many candidates can the President nominate to the Rajya Sabha?
Ans: 12

18. Who performed the first human heart transplant?
Ans: Dr. Christiaan Barnard

19. Who built the Red Fort in Delhi?
Ans: Shah Jahan

20. What is the retirement age for a judge of the Supreme Court?
Ans: 65 years

21. Who is Maharashtra’s tiger ambassador?
Ans: Amitabh Bachchan

22. Full form of DVD?
Ans: Digital Versatile Disc

23: Full form of ISRO?
Ans: Indian Space Research Organisation

24: Who was the founder of the Pala Dynasty?
Ans: Gopala

25. Where is Nathu La Pass located?
Ans: Sikkim

26. 1st newspaper of India was published 30th May 1780, and the day is celebrated as Journalist Day.What is the name of the newspaper?
Ans:Bengal Gazette

27. Where are Chitrakoot Waterfalls located?
Ans: Chhattisgarh

28. Who was the winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics?
Ans: Arthur B. McDonald & Takaaki Kajita

29. Which was the 1st web browser in the world?
ans: Mosaic

30. What is the Alt + enter – shortcut for?
Ans: Inserting Linebreak/ Feeding a line

31. Heart of Asia Summit 2015 was held at?
Ans: Islamabad, Pakistan

32. What is value of tan 30?
Ans: 1/√3

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List of GK Questions asked in Railway RRB Exam 2016

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