Monday, 11 April 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exam (11th APR 1st Slot)

1. What was the title given to Gandhi by the Britishers which he returned?
Ans: Kaiser-e-Hind

2. Which of these gases is lighter?
Ans: Helium

3. Who was the first female High Court judge in India?
Ans: Justice Anna Chandy

4. Who was the first female Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
Ans: Sirimavo Bandaranaike

5. Who was the first female Muslim President in the world?
Ans: Benazir Bhutto

6. Who invented the gasoline engine?
Ans: Nikolaus August Otto

7. What is an Ecotone?
Ans: Transition area between two biomes

8. Where was G20 Summit 2015 held?
Ans: Antalya, Turkey

9. Where were 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games held?
Ans: Apia, Samoa

10. Which country will host FIFA Under 17 Football World Cup 2017?
Ans: India

11. Which act delegated the power of framing laws to the Council of the Governor General?
Ans: Charter Act 1833

12. Highest transfer rate memory?
Ans: Cache

13. Audiobox in the throat is also called?
Ans: Larynx

14. What is there in birth control pills?
Ans: Progesterone

15. How many officially recognized and named constellations are there?
Ans: 88

16. How many lines of symmetry does the rectangle possess?
Ans: 2

17. Why do stars shine?
Ans: Nuclear Fusion

18. Who discovered X-Ray?
Ans: Wilhelm Roentgen

19. Who has been at all these posts – President, Vice President & Chief Justice of India?
Ans: Mohammad Hidayatullah

20. Which is the most abundant of rare gases in the atmosphere?
Ans: Argon

21. Who was the first female Muslim in Indian Higher Judiciary?
Ans: Fathima Beevi

22. What do we add to steel to make it hard?
Ans: Carbon

23. When was SEBI established?
Ans: 1988

24. When was the post of Collector started in India?
Ans: 1772

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