Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Geography Quiz for SSC CGL & Railway Exam 2016

1. The Indian Standard Time is ________ ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.
       A) 5 hrs 30 Min
       B) 6 hrs 30 Min
       C) 7 hrs 30 Min
       D) 8 hrs 30 Min

2. Jaina Hills is located in which of the following Indian State?
       A) Karnataka
       B) Tamil Nadu
       C) Kerala
       D) Andhra Pradesh

3. India is politically divided into ________.
       A) 30 states 2 union territories
       B) 29 states 3 union territories
       C) 29  states 7 union territories
       D) 27 states 6 union territories

4. In which State is the Koyali oil refinery located ?
       A) Assam
       B) Gujarat
       C) Maharastra
       D) Tripura

5. Silver is found in
       A) Karnataka
       B) Bihar
       C) Rajasthan
       D) Madhya Pradesh

6. Ujjain is on the banks of
       A) Narmada
       B) Panchaganga
       C) Shipra
       D) Godavari

7. The Coastal area enjoy ___________ Climate.
       A)  Continental
       B)  Equable
       C)  Humid
       D)  Hot

8. Sunderbans is the Mangrove forest found in______.
       A)  West Bengal
       B)  Tamil Nadu
       C)  Gujarat
       D)  Assam

9. Kanha National Park belongs to which one among the following biogeographical areas in the world?
       A) Tropical Moist Forests
       B) Tropical Sub-humid Forests
       C) Tropical Humid Forests
       D) Tropical Dry Forests

10.  _______ receives the highest rainfall in India.
       A)  Cherrapunji
       B)  Shillong
       C)  Assam
       D)  Darjeeling

1: A
2: B
3: C
4: B
5: A
6: C
7: B
8: A
9: A

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