Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Geography Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 (One Liner)

1. Name of the oldest mountain range in India
Ans: Aravalli range

2. Name of the youngest mountain range in India
Ans: Himalayas

3. In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located?
Ans: Rajasthan

4. The highest mountain peak in India
Ans:  Kangchenjunga(3rd in the world)

5. In which State is the Kangchenjunga Peak located?
Ans: Sikkim

6. Punjab Himalayas lies between
Ans: Indus and Sutlej rivers

7. India is located on which part of Indo-Australian Plate?
Ans: Northen

8. Kumaon himalayas lies between
Ans: Sutlej ans Kali rivers

9. Name of the he highest peak in kumaon himalayas
Ans: Nanda Devi

10. Assam himalayas lies between
Ans: Tista and Dihang rivers

11. Nepal himalayas lies between
Ans: Kali and Tista rivers

12. In which State is the Pirpanjal Range located?
Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

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