Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Geography Questions for SSC CGL & Railway Exam

Q1:The most densely populated island of the world is?
A.Sri Lanka
D.Puerto rico

Q2: The humidity of the air depends upon
A. temperature
B. location
C. weather
D. All of the above

Q3: The temperature increases rapidly after
A. ionosphere
B. exosphere
C. stratosphere
D. troposphere

Q4: What is the general direction of cyclones formed in the bay of Bengal?
A. East to West
B. West to East
C. West to South
D. North to South

Q5: Which one of the following is the highest gravity dam in the world ?
A. Beas Dam
B. Bhakra Dam
C. Hirakud
D. Nangal Dam

Q6: Dome mountain are the result of –
A: Instrusion of magma
B: Folding
C: Frictions at the joints of the rocks
D: Faulting

Q7: The Magnitude of Earthquake is measured on the –
A. Barometer 
B. Anemometer
C. Kelvin meter 
D. Richter scale

Q8: The landmass of which of the following continents is the least?
A. Africa
B. Asia
C. Australia
D. Europe

Q9: Jet streams are usually found in the:
A: Ozonosphere
B: Mesosphere
C: Tropopause
D: Ionosphere

Q10: The oldest type of energy known to man is?
A.Wind power
B.Solar power
C.Tidal power
D.Geothermal energy

1: C
2: D
3: A
4: A
5: B
6: A
7: D
8: D
9: A

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