Saturday, 2 April 2016

Geography Questions for Railway and SSC CGL

Q1: In which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found ?
A. Granite
B. Igneous
C. Metamorphic
D. Sedimentary

Q2: The stretch of the Himalayas between the Indus and the Sutlej rivers is called—
A. The Assam Himalayas
B. The Punjab Himalayas
C. The Nepal Himalayas
D. The Kumaon Himalayas

Q3: Radiant energy from the sun that strikes the earth is called—
A. Solar constant
B. Insolation
C. Heat budget
D. Terrestrial radiation

Q4: That layer of the atmosphere, where ozone gas is found—
A. Troposphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Thermosphere

Q5: Which of the following is a mineral?
A. Diamond
B. Castor
C. Cinnamon
D. Clove

Q6: In which state are the Mahadeo hills located ?
A. Bihar
B. Rajasthan
D. Chhattisgarh

Q7: The flood plain along river banks formed by newer alluvium is called—
A. Bhabar
B. Khadar
C. Tarai
D. Bangar

Q8: Which of the following is a type of iron ore ?
A. Anthracite
B. Lignite
C. Peat
D. Magnetite

Q9: Name the Continents that form a mirror.
A. Asia and Africa
B. North America and South America
C. Africa and South America
D. Europe and Asia

Q10: From economic point of view, the most important rocks are—
A. Dharwar
B. Gondwana
C. Vindhyan
D. Cuddapah

1: D
2: B
3: B
4: B
5: A
6: C
7: B
8: D
9: C

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