Sunday, 10 April 2016

General Science Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway Exam 2016

1. Micro organism include?
A) Bacteria & virus
B) Bacteria, virus, microalgae and fungi
C) Bacteria, virus, microalgae, fungi and protozoa
D) All animals&plants

2. Bacteria cannot survive in a highly salted picked because?
A) Bacteria get plasmolysed and are consequently killed
B) Salt inhibits reproduction
C) The pickel does not contain nutrient necessary for bacteria to survive
D) Bacteria do not get enough light for photosynthisis

3. Ampere is the unit of:
A) Current electricity
B) Magnetic field
C) Electric charge
D) Resistence

4. Oxidation is defined as?
A) Loss of electrons
B) Gain of electrons
C) Accept protons
D) Donate protons

5. Citric acid is obtained from?
A) Apples
B) Lemon
C) Grapes        
D) Tomato

6. A rolling plan refers to a plan which?
A) Does not change its targets every  year
B) Changes its allocations every year
C) Changes its allocations and targets every year
D) Changes only its targets every year

7. When the terminal velocity is reached, the acceleration of a body moving through a viscous medium is?
A) Zero
B) Positive
C) Negative
D) None of these

8. The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radious is
A) Micron
B) Nano meter
C) Fermi
D) Angstrom

9. Decibel is the unit of
A) Speed of light
B) Intensity of sound
C) Intensity of heat
D) None of these

10.Tidal range is quite high?
A) In equatorial regions of ocean
B) In shallow continental shelves
C) In narrow estuaries
D) Benzuela current

1: C
2: A
3: A
4: A
5: B
6: C
7: A
8: C
9: B

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