Friday, 15 April 2016

General Science Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway Exam 2016

1. Standard (SI) unit of length is _____.
A. centimetre
B. metre
C. inches
D. foot

2. Which of the following is a physical change?
A. Rusting of Iron
B. Heating of Iron
C. Burning of Wood
D. Ripening of a fruit.

3. Formation of gas bubbles is _________.
A. a physical change
B. a physical property
C. a chemical change
D. a chemical property

4. Motion of wheel of a car is an example of _________.
A. circular motion
B. translatory motion
C. rectilinear motion
D. curvilinear motion

5. Turning milk into curd is a
A. physical change
B. physical property
C. chemical change
D. chemical property

6. Which one of the following in NOT a predator?
A. Eagle
B. Bear
C. Antelope
D. Lion

7. Sea animals like dolphins and whales breathe through ______.
A. nose
B. blow holes
C. gills
D. fins

8. Who among the following invented the small pox vaccine?
A. Robert Koch
B. Edward Jenner
C. Robert Hooke
D. Louis Pasteur

9. Which of the following is not an isotope of hydrogen?
A. Tritium   
B. Deuterium
C. Protium   
D. Yttrium

10. Heavy water is
A. deuterium oxide
B. PH7
C. rain water
D. tritium oxide

1: B
2: B
3: C
4: D
5: C
6: C
7: B
8: B
9: D

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