Monday, 11 April 2016

General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway RRB Exam 2016

1. The earth is at its maximum distance from the sun on?
A) January 30th
B) December 22nd
C) September 22nd
D) July 4th

2. Where is the Headquarter of International Court of Justice?
A) Paris
B) Geneva
C) New York
D) The Hague

3: To whom does the Speaker of the LokSabha have to address his/her letter of resignation?
A) Prime Minister
B) President
C) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
D) Chairman of Rajya Sabha

4. In the past decade which of the following has NOT been a major cause of the increase in the world’s population?
A) Longer life span
B) Lower infant mortality
C) Increase in birth rate
D) Improved sanitation

5.The process of combining strings is known as?
A) Compiling
B) Combining
C) Attaching
D) Concatenation

6. Which one of the following source of islam is associated with the teachings of prophet mohammad?
A) Quran
B) Hidaya        
C) Fiqah
D) Sunah

7. Where did Buddha attain enlightenment?
A) Sarnath
B) Bodh Gaya
C) Kapilavastu
D) Lumbini

8. Who of the following kings was an ardent follower of jainism?
A)    Bimbisara
B)    Mahapadmananda
C)    Kharavela
D)    Pulkeshin II

9. ‘Servants of India Society’ was founded by
A) G.K. Gokhale
B) M.G. Ranade
C) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
D) Mahatma Gandhi

10. What is National Income?
A) NNP at market price
B) NNP at factor cost
C) NDP at market price
D) NDP at factor cost

Answers :
1:  D
2:  D
3:  C
4:  C
5:  D
6:  A
7:  B
8:  C
9:  A
10: B

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