Sunday, 10 April 2016

General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway RRB Exam 2016

1. In Indian polity which one is supreme?
(A) The supreme court
(B) The constitution
(C) The parliament
(D) Religion

2. In which year did Gandhiji establish the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat?
(A) 1916
(B) 1917
(C) 1918
(D) 1929

3. All the executive powers in india constitution are vested with?
(A) Prime minister
(B) President
(C) Parliament
(D) Council of ministers

4. On which of the following rivers is Nagarjunasagar dam constructed?
(A) Krishna
(B) Chambal
(C) Kosi
(D) Sutlej

5. Planning commission was established in 1950 to through?
(A)    A constitutional amendment
(B)    A supreme court order
(C)    An executive order
(D)    A decision by the parliament

6. Who among the following cricketers has written the book “Cricket My Style”?
(A) Sunil Gavaskar
(B) Adam Gilchrist
(C) KapilDev
(D) ShoaibAkhtar

7. What is Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh famous for?
(A) Copper
(B) Aluminium
(C) Mica
(D) Gold

Q8. Buddha lived approximately at the same time as?
(A)    Confucius
(B)    Moses
(C)    Prophet mohammad
(D)    Hammurabi

Q9. The process of combining strings is known as?
(A) Compiling
(B) Combining
(C) Attaching
(D) Concatenation

10. _________is not a source of the revenue to the central Government.
(A) Customs Duty
(B) Corporate Tax
(C) Agricultural Income Tax
(D) Excise Duty

1: B
2: B
3: B
4: A
5: C
6: C
7: D
8: A
9: D

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