Thursday, 14 April 2016

Daily One Liner Current Affairs

1. Who has launched the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for the next generation online payments solution is launched by
Ans: The National Payments Corporation of India

2. Recently which state launched "PoochhO Carpool app"?
Ans: Delhi government.

3. "PoochhO Carpool app" relates to
Ans: Carpooling options (during the 15-day car-rationing exercise)

4. Who is appointed as the liaison officer to working between J&K government and central government?
Ans: Ratan Wattal

5. SAWEN is a regional network comprises of  ______ countries in South Asia.
Ans: 8 countries

6. SAWEN stands for
Ans: Statute of the South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network

7. India and  ----------- signed a Agreement on Namami Gange Programme.
Ans: German International Cooperation (GIZ) of Germany

8. How many toilets will be constructed by TCS under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan?
Ans: 1,509 toilets.

9. Who Launches "DEEP" E-Bidding & E-Reverse Auction Portal"?
Ans: Piyush Goyal

10. What is objective of "DEEP" E-Bidding & E-Reverse Auction Portal?
Ans: to replace the conventional tendering process for power purchase

11. DEEP stands for
Ans: Discovery of Efficient Electricity Price

12. Who is appointed as anti-corruption official in BSNL?
Ans: Deepak Kashyap.

13. Which State has recently launched Mission Drinking Water?
Ans: Maharashtra.

14. Who is the new the member of IMF?
Ans: Tiny South Pacific island nation "Nauru" ( 189th member )

One Liner Current Affairs(13th APR)

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