Sunday, 17 April 2016

Daily One Liner Current Affairs (17th APR)

1. The co-founder of Hero Cycles group who has passed away.
Ans: Satyanand Munjal

2. What is the rank of delhi in Future-ready Cities ?
Ans: 44th

3. No. 1 rank in  Future-ready Cities.
Ans: San Jose, (2nd-San Francisco, 3rd-Singapore)

4. Recently Indian Army conducted a battle exercise in Rajasthan. What is the name of exercise?
Ans: Shatrujeet

5. Name of the IT company who has extended free internet service through WiFi to 10 railway stations.
Ans: Google

6. A U.S. grand jury has imposed a $940-million fine on two companies of ________.
Ans: Tata group

7. Odd-even scheme launched in-
Ans: Delhi

One Liner Current Affairs (16th APR)

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