Sunday, 24 April 2016

Current Affairs 22nd & 23rd April (One Liner)

1. Earth Day Observed on?
Ans: April 22

2. Name the diplomat, who has honored by the Cyprus? 

Ans: Amitav Banerji

3. According to FDI Intelligence Report India has replaced which country as top destination for FDI?
  Ans: China

4. Government aims to remove poverty by ________ Year.
Ans: 2032

5. Which has become the world’s first region to element malaria completely?
Ans: Europe

6. Who has conferred with the French top honor?
Ans: Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

7. Name the Pop superstar who has passed away recently?
Ans: Prince Rogers Nelson

8. International Day of the Book is observed on which date?
Ans: April 23

9. ISRO Scientists made world’s lightest material _______ to keep soldiers warm in Siachen.
Ans: ‘silica aerogel’ or ‘blue air’

10. Who is appointed as FTII Director?
Ans: Bhupendra Kainthola

11. How many countries sign Paris Climate Agreement?
Ans: 175

12. How many members are  nominated to the Rajya Sabha this year 2016 ?
Ans: 6 (Subramanian Swamy, MP Navjyot Singh Sidhu, Mary Kom, Narendra Jadhav, Swapan Dasgupta and Suresh Gopi)

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