Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Biology Quiz for SSC CGL & Railway Exam

Q1: Which gene is used in nitrogen fixation?
a) NK gene
b) MK gene
c) Nif-gene
d) None of these

Q2: Theory of natural selection was proposed by_______.
a) Charles Darwin
b) Hugo de Vries
c) Gregor Johann Mendel
d) Jean Baptiste Lamarck

Q3: Which of the following acid is found in 'Tomato' ?
a) Hydrochloric acid
b) Acetic acid
c) Oxalic acid
d) Citric acid

Q4: Steroid drugs like prednisolone is produced from______.
a) Rhizopus
b) Penicillium
c) Aagaricus
d) Bacteria

Q5: The first vaccine injected into a just born baby is ______.
a) Oral polio
b) DPT
c) DPT and Oral polio
d) BCG

Q6: Most highly intelligent mammals are
a) whales   
b) dolphins
c) elephants   
d) kangaroos

Q7: Bio-chips will be useful in ___________.
a) Defence, Medicine
b) Theatre, Medicine
c) Defence, Air Force
d) Navy, Medicine

Q8: Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
a) chlorophyll   
b) atmosphere
c) light   
d) soil

Q9: Pick out the odd one out ___________.
a) Renal failure
b) Hypertension
c) Pellagra
d) Coronary heart diseases

Q10:__________are the most unspecialized mass of cells. 

a) Stem cells
b) Root cells
c) Hair cells
d) Cells

1: c
2: a
3: c
4: a
5: d
6: b
7: a
8: d
9: c

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