Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Uttarakhand GK Quiz

Ques. 1:What is the main cause of the formation of Uttarakhand ?
(A) Land and identity of hilly people 

(B) Backwardness, poverty, inconvenience and migration
(C) Protection of hill peoples culture 

(D) Political awarness of hilly people
Ques. 2: . Tiger project is related with
(A) Corbett National Park 

(B) Dudhwa National Park
(C) Nanda Devi National Park 

(D) Rajaji National Park
Ques. 3: What is the percentage of forested area in Uttarakhand ?
(A) 60% 

(B) 61% 
(C) 63% 
(D) 49%
Ques. 4: Chipko Movement is related with :
(A) Forest conservation 

(B) Wild life conservation
(C) Air conservation 

(D) Water conservation
Ques. 5: Papers were thrown in U.P. Assembly for the formation of Uttarakhand on :
(A) 19th August, 1994 

(B) 19th August, 1995
(C) 19th August, 1996 

(D) 19th August, 1997
Ques. 6: When was the U.P. reorganisation Bill passed in Lok Sabha ?
(A) 1st August, 2000 

(B) 5th August, 2000
(C) 28th August, 2000 

(D) 30th August, 2000
Ques. 7: Area wise biggest district of Uttarakhand is
(A) Uttar Kashi
(B) Chamoli
(C) Nainital
(D) Dehradun
Ques. 8: Where is the three metre diameter telescope, the biggest in Asia being established in Uttarakhand?
(A) Devsthal (Nainital)
(B) Almora
(C) Pithoragarh
(D) Tehri Garhwal
Ques. 9: British woman Hielamen known as 'Sarla Bahen' her working field was—
(A) Reform in Uttarakhand state 

(B) Medical services in Uttarakhand state
(C) Organisation of freedom fighting in the state 

(D) Propagation of Christianity -in the state
Ques. 10: Where is Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy situated?
(A) Dehradun 

(B) Mussoorie 
(C) Nainital 
(D) Almora

Answers :
1: B
2: A
3: C
4: A
5: A
6: A
7: B
8: A
9: C

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