Monday, 14 March 2016

Uttarakhand GK for UKPSC Ranger

Ques 1:  Summer capital during the British period?
Ans : Nainital

Ques 2: King Ajaypal relates to which dynasty
Ans : Panwar Dynasty

Ques 3: Name of Garhwal in Purana's
Ans : Kedarkhand

Ques 4: Name of Kumaon in Purana's
Ans : Manaskhand

Ques 5: Who was the Hero of Peshawar Kand on 23 april 1930
Ans : Vir Chandra Singh Garhwali

Ques 6: Who was the king of Mughals whose army defeated in Garhwal
Ans : King Shahjaha

Ques 7: When Mughal Army defeated in Garhwal
Ans : 1635

Ques 8: The third and last capital of Panwar Dynasty
Ans : Tehri

Ques 9: Who established the tehri city
Ans : King Sudarshan Shah

Ques 10: Kalsi Inscription related to
Ans : Emperor Ashok

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