Sunday, 6 March 2016

Uttarakhand GK for UKPSC Forest Ranger Officer

Ques. 1: Who is known as “Kurmanchal Kesari” ?
(a) Badri Dutt Pandey
(b) G.B. Pant
(c) Mohan Singh Mehta
(d) Victor Mohan Joshi
Ques. 2: The ‘Uttaranchal’ State was renamed ‘Uttarakhand’ in the year
(a) 2000
(b) 2004
(c) 2007
(d) 2010
Ques. 3: Which British traveller discovered Nainital ?
(a) Henry Ramsay
(b) E. Gardner
(c) E.T. Atkinson
(d) P. Barron
Ques. 4: Which fair of Uttarakhand is known as ‘Bagwaal’ ?
(a) Bageshwar fair
(b) Nanda Devi fair
(c) Kumbh fair
(d) Devi Dhura fair
Ques. 5: Who was the first British Commissioner of Kumaon ?
(a) Trail
(b) E. Gardner
(c) Lashington
(d) Batton
Ques. 6: In which district of Uttarakhand is Lippulekh Pass situated ?
(a) Uttarkashi
(b) Bageshwar
(c) Rudraprayag
(d) Pithoragarh
Ques. 7: Among the four Dhams of Uttarakhand, which one is situated at the highest altitude ?
(a) Badrinath
(b) Kedarnath
(c) Gangotri
(d) Yamunotri
Ques. 8: Which of the following districts of Uttarakhand is not connected by rail-transport ?
(a) Pauri
(b) Nainital
(c) Dehradun
(d) Tehri-Garhwal
Ques. 9: Raini Village of Chamoli district is well known for which forest movement ?
(a) Rewain movement
(b) Chipko movement
(c) Dungi-Paitoli movement
(d) Maiti movement
Ques. 10: Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
(a) Gaindi fair – Distt. Almora
(b) Chaiti fair – Distt. Udham Singh Nagar
(c) Jauljibi fair – Distt. Pithoragarh
(d) Maun fair – Tehri Garhwal

Answers :
1: a
2: c
3: d
4: d
5: b
6: d
7: b
8: d
9: b

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