Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Railway Exam Analysis (29 Mar 2nd Shift)

1) Radar full form?
Answer: Radio Detection And Ranging

2) 2015 TIME person of the year?
Answer: Angela Merkel

3) father of geometry?
Answer: Euclid

4) zika virus spread by?
Answer:  Mosquito (Aegypti) and Albopictus

5) river flows through karnataka & tamil nadu
Answer: Cauvery 

6) DPT full form?
Answer: Diphtheria,Pertussis,Tetanus

7) Oscar winner director from india?
Answer: Satyajit Ray

8) Highest grand slams winner male?
Answer: Roger Fedrer

9) what is graphene?
Answer: An atom thick graphite layer

10) What is umami?
Answer: 5th basic taste of tongue

11) Where Is  Suez Canal Located ?
Answer: Egypt(Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea).

12) rhizome example?
Answer: bamboos

13) Latest mineral which is most abundant in earth crust?
Answer:  Feldspars

14) Medal for India in Olympics 2012?
Answer:  6 Medals

15) Baking soda chemical name:
Answer: Sodium hydrogen carbonate

16) Berlin wall demolished year:
Answer: 1989

17) SPM full form?
Answer: Scanning Pro Microscope

18) Tallest building in world:
Answer: Burj Khalifa

19) Kamrup kingdom which state?
Answer: Assam

20) Oath to president of India is given by:
Answer: Chief Justice of India

21) Is Tomato salad or Fruits?
Answer:  Fruit

22) Bhebhita caves age?
Answer: 30,000 years.

23) Lemur are found in?
Answer:  Madagascar.

24)  Chandrasekhar Limit is applied to?
Answer:  Mass.

25) Maximum gold in olympics by which person?
Answer: Michael Phelps.

26) Which language use ideographs?
Answer: China and Japan.

27) Chief justice of India retirement age?
Answer: 65 years

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