Sunday, 13 March 2016

One Liner : Uttarakhand GK for UKPSC FRO

 Ques 1: Almora Coins related to which Dynasty? 
Ans : Kunind
Ques 2: Chipko Andholan starts :
Ans : 1 March 1973 in Gopeshwar  
Ques 3: Who led the Chipko Movement? 
Ans : Gaura Devi 
Ques 4: What is the new name of Heli Park?
Ans : Jim Corbett National Park  
Ques 5: Where Badrinath is situated? 
Ans : Chamoli 
Ques 6: Where has an I.I.T. in collaboration with I.I.T. Switzerland been opened? 
Ans : Nainital 
Ques 7: Among the High Courts of the country, the Uttarakhand High Court ranks is? 
Ans : 20th  
Ques 8: When was the U.P. reorganisation Bill passed in Lok Sabha ? 
Ans : 1st August, 2000  
Ques 9: When scientific management of forests start in Uttarakhand?
Ans : 1884 A.D. 
Ques 10: Which rivers famous with name of Saas-Bahu in Devprayag ?
Ans : Bhagirithi(Saas) and Alaknanda(Bahu)

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