Saturday, 12 March 2016

History For SSC CGL, Railway and UKPSC FRO

Ques. 1: Lord Buddha made his first sermon at
A.) Sarnath
B.) Pataliputra
C.) Kapilavasthu
D.) Lumbini Gardens
Ques. 2: The book ‘Rajatarangini’ was written by
A.) Al-beruni   
B.) Kalhan
C.) Kalidas   
D.) Rajshekhar
Ques. 3: The Greek ambassador Megasthenes came in the court of
A.) Ajatasatru   
B.) Udayi
C.) Mahapadma Nanda   
D.) Chandragupta Maurya
Ques. 4: The Buddhist literature were written in
A.) Sanskrit   
B.) Hindi
C.) Prakrit   
D.) Pali
Ques. 5: How many Buddhist councils were held ?
A) Two                                  
B) Three
C) Four
D) Six
Ques. 6: The Harappan civilization was discovered in
A.) 1864-65   
B.) 1920-21
C.) 1853-54   
D.) 1891-92
Ques. 7: Who said that there was no Slavery in India?
A.) Fahien
B.) Strabo
C.) Heiun Tsang
D.) Megasthenese
Ques. 8: Indian Napoleon was
A.) Chandra Gupta I
B.) Samudra Gupta
C.) Skanda Gupta
D.) Chandra Gupta
Ques. 9: An important structure is the dockyard found at
A.) Rakhigarhi   
B.) Kalibangan
C.) Alamgirpur   
D.) Lothal
Ques. 10: Kanishka followed
A.) Jainism
B.) Sikhism
C.) Hinduism
D.) Buddhism

Answers :
1: A
2: B
3: D
4: D
5: C
6: B
7: D
8: B
9: D

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