Saturday, 5 March 2016

GK Quiz for Railway Exam

Ques. 1: e-INDIA Summit was recently held at_______.
a) Kolkata
b) Mumbai
c) New Delhi
d) Bangalore
Ques. 2: First ever International Bird Watching festival was held at _______.
a) Bhopal
b) Mumbai
c) Goa
d) Agra
Ques. 3:Which Railway Zone has introduced Biodiesel for train operations?
a) Western Railway
b) Central Railways
c) South Western Railways
d) Southern Railways
Ques. 4:Where is the Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering Institute situated?
a) Pune
b) Chennai
c) Nasik
d) Sikandrabad
Ques. 5:Where is the extreme north of India a railway station?
a) Guwahati
b) Pathancoat
c) Amritsar
d) Jammutavi 
Ques. 6: National Good Governance Day is observed on______.
a) 21st Dec
b) 23rd Dec
c) 25th Dec
d) 27th Dec
Ques. 7: National Institute of Oceanography is located in :
a) Calcutta
b) Chennai
c) Mangalore
d) Panaji
Ques. 8: 8th India-Russia joint Naval Exercise, INDRA NAVY-15
was recently started at ________.

a) Mundra
b) Kandla
c) Visakhapatnam
d) Kochi
Ques. 9: Where is the headquarters of Central Railway situated?
a) Mumbai (V.T)
b) Mumbai (Church Gate)
c) Gwalior
d) Gorakhpur
Ques. 10: The "Killer Instinct" is written by
a. Sulakshan Mohan
b. M.K.Santanam
c. O.P.Sabharwal
d. Subash Jain

Answers :
1: b
2: d
3: c
4: a
5: d
6: c
7: d
8: c
9: a

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