Tuesday, 29 March 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exams(29 Mar 3rd Slot)

1. World Toboco Day?
    Answer:  May 31

2. 2015 World Cup Hosting?
   Answer:  Australia,New Zealand

3. World environment day?
    Answer: June 5

4. Bismark of India?
   Answer:  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

5. Largest boundary shared with Bangladesh?
    Answer:  West Bengal,India

6. Kaislas styrthi and malala got noble prize which year?
    Answer:  2014

7. Mom mission year?
   Answer: 24 sept- 2014

8. RTI implemented in which year?
    Answer:  2005

9. Second longest river of india?
    Answer: Godavari

10. Who was the 1st lady president of indian national congress?
    Answer:  Annie Besant

11. When was rupee symbol adopted?
    Answer:  officially adopted in 2010(launched on 8 July 2011)

12. Who won 1st olympic medal of badminton?
    Answer: Saina Nehwal

13. Where was national science conference held in india?
    Answer:  New Delhi

14. Odd one out- webcam, speaker, digital camera, smart phone?
     Answer: speaker

15. Bharat ratna non recipient?Ms subbalaxmi, lataji, AR rahman ?
    Answer:  Ar Rehman

16. What is the name of mission to be sent to study sun in 2019-2020?
    Answer:  Aditya

17. Which of the following has declared ‘Cow’ as Personality of the Year 2015?
    Answer: Yahoo India

18. Name of the operation between Pakistan and India in Kargil War?
    Answer: Operation Vijay

19. World heritage site Bhimbetka,MP is famous for?
   Answer: Rock Shelters

20. What is Akash missile?
    Answer: Surface to Air Missile

21. Who is the cheif guest for republic day 2016?
    Answer:Francios Hollande

22. If the Temperature of the body decreases this condition is called?
    Answer: Hypothalamus.

23. Osteoporosis is related to which organ?

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