Tuesday, 29 March 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exams(28 Mar 3rd Shift)

1) Thomas Cup Related to ?
Answer: Badminton

2) Dadasaheb phalke award 2015
Answer: Sashi Kapur

3) Colour Of octopus blood?
Answer: Blue

4) Other name of chanakya?
Answer: Kautilya, vishnu guptha

5) 2014 miss universe?
Answer: Palunana vega (Colombiya)

6) which metal is noble?
Answer: Gold

7) Who has given Droncharya award 2015?
Answer: Naval Singh, Anup singh, Harbans singh, Swatantar raj,Singh nihar Ameen

8) Elephanta Caves Situated in ?
Answer: Raigad (Dist) Maharastra

9) Biggest Mammal?
Answer: Blue whale

10) Who invented bramh samaj?
Answer: Raj Ram Mohan Rai

11) Rial is currency of which country?
Answer: Soudi Arabia

12) Which river originates from western ghat?
Answer: Kaveri

13) which city of Australia densely populated
Answer: Sydney

14) Other name of chanakya?
Answer:Vishnu gupta, Kautilya

15) Earths water cycle powered by?
Answer: Sun

16) Energy of sun by which process?
Answer: Nuclear fusion

17) 20 equinox means?
Answer: 20 Faces

18) Father of rabindra nath Tagore ?
Answer: Debendranath tagore

19) Titanic belongs to which country?
Answer: UK And Ireland

20) Indian Institute of science situated at?
Answer: Bangalore

21) Current Chief Justice India?
Answer: T. S. Thakur

22) Oscar for best animated feature film 2015?
Answer: Big Hero 6

23) New name of Bharatpur National Park?
Answer: Keoladeo Ghana National Park

24.real currecncy of which country?
Answer: Brazil

25.ONGC headquarter?
Answer: Dehradun(Uttarakhand)

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