Thursday, 31 March 2016

GK Questions Asked in Railway Exams(31 Mar 3rd Slot)

1.Micology is study of
Ans: Fungi

2.What is English Ivy?
Ans: Plant

3.Pravasi Bhartiya Divas
Ans: 9th Jan

4.Lord Venkatesara temple situated at which hills?
Ans: Sheshadri

5.Study of Geodesy
Ans: Shape of earth

6.Where is inventory Muscle?
Ans: In walls of internal Organs

7.When was the Theory of relativity proposed?
Ans: 1915

8:Terracotta Army in which County?
Ans China

9.Highest point of Aravali Range
Ans: GuruShikar

10.Common language used in Tamilnadu & Sri Lank
Ans: Tamil

11.Brihadeshwara temple is made of
Ans: Granite

12.What is melioidois?
Ans: Disease caused by bacteria

13.Who is Chanda Kochar?
Ans: MD and CEO of ICICI Bank 

14.Sanskrit spoken village in India?
Ans: Mattur and Hosahalli, Karnataka.

15. Brhatsamhita was written by?
Ans: Saint Varahamihira.

16.What is similarity amongst them(Kiwi, Ostrich, Penguin , Emu)?
Ans: All of them don't fly.

17. "Life on My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power" is an autobiography of?
Ans: Sharad Pawar.

18. Who quoted the statement: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow"?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi.

19.Who amongst following P.M. was born after independence?
Ans. Narendra Modi

20.Which is considered as Largest chord?
Ans: Diameter.

21.Tirumala Temple is the part of which moutain series?
Ans: Venkatadri 

22.Which Indian scientist contradicted Einstein theory of energy (e=mc2)?
Ans: Scientist Ajay Sharma

Full List of GK Questions asked in Railway Exams 2016

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