Monday, 14 March 2016

Geography Quiz for Railway, SSC CGL and UKPSC FRO

Ques. 1: Which of the following rivers does not fall into Bay of Bengal?
a) Mahanadi
b) Tapti
c) Godavari
d) Krishna
Ques. 2: Which of the following does not touch the boundary of Myanmar'?
a) Mizoram
b) Manipur
c) Nagaland
d) Tripura
Ques. 3: The Nagarjuna Sagar project is constructed on the river
a) Kaveri
b) Krishna
c) Godavari
d) Indus
Ques. 4: How many Kilometres are represented by 1 degree of latitude?
a)111 km
b)321 km
c)211 km
d)91 km
Ques. 5:Tsunamis are originated due to
a) Sea waves                 
b) Earthquake
c) Hurricane                   
d) Rotation of the earth
Ques. 6: The place of origin of an earthquake is called
a) Epicentre                   
b) Focus
c) Seismal                      
d) Amphidromic point
Ques. 7: The most densely populated island of the world is?
a) Sri Lanka
b) Iceland
c) Java
d) Puerto rico
Ques. 8: Palk Strait separates India from ______.
a) Sri Lanka
b) Myanmar
c) Maldives
d) Lakshadweep
Ques. 9: The most centrally located meridian of India passes through______.
a) Ahmadabad
b) Allahabad
c) Hyderabad
d) Aurangabad
Ques. 10: the other name of the Brahmaputra.
a) Tsang Po
b) Son
c) Subansiri
d) Mahananda

Answers :
1: b
2: d
3: b
4: a
5: b
6: b
7: c
8: a
9: b
10: a

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