Sunday, 20 March 2016

General Science Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway Exam

Q1: At what temperature are the temperature on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal?
a) 273° Celsius
b) -273° Celsius
c) –40° Celsius
d) 40° Celsius
Q2: At what temperature a body will not radiate any heat energy?
a) 0° C
b) 273° C
c) 100° C
d) -273° C
Q3: _______ is called as ‘Father of Genetics’.
a) Charles Darwin
b) Hugo de Vries
c) Gregor Johann Mendel
d) Jean Baptiste Lamarck
Q5: The ozone layer protects us from
a) Ultra violet rays
b) Radio waves
c) Visual radiation
d) Infrared radiation
Q6: The I.C Chip used in a computer is made up of_______.
a) Silicon
b) Chromium
c) Gold
d) Lead
Q7: Polio are Rabies are
a) Bacterial diseases
b) Viral diseases
c) Protozoan diseases
d) Fungal diseases
Q8: Typhoid fever is caused by _______.
a) Salmonella
b) Clostridium
c) Leptospira
d) Xanthomonas
Q9:Nichrome wire is used in an electric heater because__________.
a) It has high resistance
b) It has high melting point
c) It can resist a current upto approx 5 amperes
d) For all of the above reasons
Q10: Automatic wrist watches get energy from
a) twist in spring
b) liquid crystal
c) kinetic energy
d) movement of our hands

1: c
2: d
3: c
5: a
6: a
7: b
8: a
9: d

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