Monday, 21 March 2016

General Awareness Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL

 Q1: Which of the following states of India has the longest coastline?
a) Kerala
b) Gujarat
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Andhra Pradesh
Q2: World Population Day is observed on
a) March 21
b) June 5
c) July 11
d) October 16
Q3: Which of the following fields are NOT eligible for noble prize?
a) literature
b) peace
c) music
d) economics
Q4: India is the largest producer and exporter of
a) Cotton
b) Copper
c) Tea
d) Mica
Q5: The diseases caused by virus include
a) Measles, Small-pox, Mumps, Rabies
b) Measles, Syphilis, Rabies, Cholera
c) Polio, Syphilis, Chicken-pox, Mumps
d) Cholera, Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Syphilis
Q6: __________ is called as little Japan of Tamil Nadu.
a) Dindugul
b) Rajapalayam
c) Sivakasi
d) Sattur
Q7: Symptom of Kwashiorkar __________.
a) Swelling in the face
b) Swelling in the feet
c) Enlarged belly with swelling in the face and feet
d) Enlarged belly
Q8: National Library, the largest library in India is located at _________.
a) Chennai
b) Mumbai
c) Delhi
d) Kolkata
Q9: The highest peak in India______.
a) Mt. Everest
b) Mt. Godwin Austin
c) Mt. Kanchenjunga
d) Dhaulagiri
Q10: The ________divides the country into the equal halves.
a) Tropic of Cancer
b) Tropic of Capricorn
c) Equator
Greenwich Meridian

1: b
2: c
3: c
4: c
5: a
6: c
7: c
8: d
9: b

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