Monday, 7 March 2016

Computer Quiz

Ques. 1: ASCII stands for .........
a) American Special Computer for Information Interaction
b) American Standard Computer for Information Interchange
c) American Special Code for Information Interchange
d) American Special Computer for Information Interchange
e) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Ques. 2: Among the following which is the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web?
a) Hyperlink
b) URL
c) Anchor
d) Reference
e) Header
Ques. 3: In the term ALU, ‘L’ stands for________.
a) Logic
b) List
c) Locator
d) Login
e) Lock
Ques. 4: Which of the following groups consist of only output devices ?
(A) Scanner, Printer, Monitor
(B) Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
(C) Mouse, Printer, Monitor
(D) Plotter, Printer, Monitor
(E) None of these
Ques. 5: 'DOS' floppy disk does not have__________.
a) A root directory
b) A file allocation table
c) A boot record
d) Virtual Memory
e) None of these
Ques. 6: Multiprogramming systems ________.
a) are easier to develop than single-programming systems
b) Execute each job faster.
c) Execute more jobs in the same time period.
d) Use only one jobs large mainframe computer.
e) None of these
Ques. 7: Among the following which is not a computer language?
e) None of these
Ques. 8: What type of software creates a smaller file that is faster to transfer over the Internet?
(a) MPEG
(b) Unzipped
(c) Fragmentation
(d) Compression
(e) None of these
Ques. 9: What does the XP stand for in Windows XP?
(a) Exponential
(b) Experience
(c) Expertise
(d) Exchange
(e) None of these
Ques. 10: Which broadband service is the most available?
(a) C-able
(b) POTS
(c) Satellite
(d) DSL
(e) None of these

Answers :
1: e
2: b
3: a
4: d
5: d
6: c
7: c
8: d
9: b

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