Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Agricultural Revolutions in India

Revolution Name Product
Green Revolution Agriculture (food grains)
White Revolution Dairy Development
Silver Revolution Egg Production
Red Revolution Meat & Tomato Production
Round Revolution Potato
Yellow Revolution Oil Seed
Blue Revolution Fisheries
Pink Revolution Onion, Pharmaceutical, Prawn production
Golden Fiber Revolution Jute Production
Brown Revolution Leather
Golden Revolution Horticulture
Grey Revolution Fertilizer
Silver Fiber Revolution Cotton
Petroleum Revolution Petroleum
Evergreen Revolution Over all Agriculture Development

Notes :
  • Father of Green Revolution : Dr Norman Borlong(Maxico).
  • Father of Green Revolution(in india) : Dr. MS Swaminathan.
  • The Green Revolution in India started in 1960.
  • Father of White Revolution : Verghese Kurien.
  • The White Revolution in India occurred in 1970.
  • Operation Flood relates to White Revolution.

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